NDB Campus Ministry holds annual Advent Retreat


The Catalyst / Ava Marinos

Students write positive messages on paper stars during the Advent retreat

NDB’s annual Advent Retreat is a tradition for all classes to participate in. Students spend one of their spiritual life classes to come to the Dining Hall for the retreat, which is held a few weeks before Christmas. A variety of events are planned out during the retreat, such as viewing Advent-related films, engaging in large group discussions, partaking in arts and crafts activities and setting time aside for students to reflect on what this time of year means to them.

Advent is a time of year to prepare for Jesus’s coming in the Catholic tradition. It is a joyful time of appreciation for Jesus, as well as a time of great anticipation for his second coming. Easter and Christmas are two other prominent religious holidays to Catholics and pinnacles in the Catholic Church. Advent and Christmas are joyful times as Catholics prepare for the birth of Jesus.

The Hallmarks in Action Leadership Board spent several weeks carefully planning this time as a period of fun and reflection.

“Our theme this year is light,” said Director of Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry Ms. Jobin. “We are asking people to reflect on Jesus being called to be a light in the world, and how we can be a light in the world in our own lives.”

This year, students played Advent bingo, designed star ornaments with positive messages to others on how they see light in other people, watched Pentatonix sing “Mary Did you Know” and played Advent trivia.

“Personally, I think the Advent retreat is a lot more interesting this year,” said Hallmarks in Action Leadership Board President Annette Henderson. “There will be a bingo with special prizes, and an arts and crafts activity, so for the most part, students will always be doing something. It will be a great opportunity to learn about Advent and have fun.”

NDB Campus Ministry continues to celebrate Advent at school to help unify students from diverse religious backgrounds. Students are also invited to share about their own cultural traditions, such as what foods they eat and what stories they have about how they celebrate their religion’s holiday.

The Advent season and the holidays that surround it provide a time of reflection, growth, and healing for all. NDB Campus Ministry hopes to provide this experience for students at school through their annual Advent retreat, carefully preparing activities to help students bond, relax and gain a little bit of insight into the Catholic faith.