Sophomores study for their permits


The Catalyst / Adeline Ventura

Sophomore students at NDB prepare to get behind-the-wheel after passing permit tests.

Sophomores are beginning their permit tests in preparation for receiving their license. A driver’s license comes with the promise of freedom and independence so many students are looking forward to it.

Driver’s permits are required in order for a student driver to practice behind-the-wheel driving before their test for a driver’s license.

At this time of year, more and more sophomores are beginning to study for and attempt their permit test. The course that students need to complete before taking the test is known as Driver’s Education, Ed for short, and is about 30 hours long. This course teaches students about the rules of the road such as who has the right-of-way, what different signs and lights mean as well as what the lines on the road are for. The course also strongly encourages students to be prepared for different weather-related issues such as skidding on ice or driving in the rain.

Sophomore Lauren Zerella has started taking her Driver’s Ed course.

“So far, in Driver’s Ed, I have been learning about rules of the road and I expect that soon I’ll learn what to do in various situations,” said Zerella. “The course is very detailed and covers everything that will be mentioned on the test.”

The permit test consists of questions about the rules of the road and how the car works. The exam is taken in a booth, similar to a voting booth, or on paper at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Some sophomores have already taken the test and have mentioned that the test is harder and longer than one would expect.

The tests are usually around 45 to 50 questions and a student will only pass with eight or fewer questions wrong. Studying is strongly recommended ahead of time.

After passing the test, students need to sign up for driving lessons with a driving instructor. California law mandates students to take six hours of behind-the-wheel driving with an instructor before taking a license test.

In California, a student must have had their permit for six months and a day before being able to take a behind-the-wheel test. So, it is recommended that students get their permits as soon as possible.