Swifties strike back over inflated ticket sale prices


The Catalyst / Screenshot from TicketMaster

The tickets for Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour are being resold for thousands of dollars on Ticketmaster, upsetting her loyal fans.

On November 1, musician Taylor Swift announced her upcoming tour via Instagram: “The Eras Tour.” The post listed set dates and stadium locations all over the United States with international whereabouts to be determined later. 

The tour kicks off in Glendale, Arizona on March 18 of 2023 and closes in Los Angeles, California on August 5. Swift is scheduled to visit the Bay Area on September 28 and 29 at Levi’s Stadium. Her last tour in the Bay was the “Reputation Stadium Tour” in 2018 and many fans are excited for her return. 

Swift has invited a total of nine guest performers who will alternate throughout the tour. Notable artists include Paramore, who will be opening the tour’s start in Arizona. The two artists set for the concert at Levi’s include HAIM and Gracie Abrams. HAIM is a group of three women who had been featured on Swift’s hit “no body, no crime.” Abrams gained popularity due to her opening for performer Olivia Roderigo.

The name of this tour is meant to encompass all of the stylistic phases that occurred throughout Swift’s career so far. From her early romantic songs from her country album to the recent electronica-styled “Midnights” album, she aims to portray her musical journey throughout the concert. 

With loyal “Swifties” bound to attend and following her “Midnights” album, which recently broke the record for filling the top ten spots of the Billboard 100, “The Eras Tour” is sure to bring much excitement as anticipation builds.

There has been controversy over the price of tickets, with many fans claiming that the prices are elitist. Price numbers have reached the thousands on many ticket purchase platforms. Many crashed because of the race to grasp a ticket. Junior Jasmine Westphal-Cullen first-handedly experienced the lines for tickets.

“I was just really frustrated on getting in line for the queue, purchasing tickets and getting to like the checkout and then getting kicked out and put back to the end of the queue,” said Westphal-Cullen. “That happened multiple times.”

Ranting on Twitter, fans questioned Swift and the resale sites for the reason for such unrealistic prices. She issued a public statement, saying that she will defend her fans and condemned the platforms for taking advantage of them. Ticketmaster then issued an apology, addressing both Swift and fans. Since then, fans have continued to take actions against Ticketmaster. Since then, people have taken action against the company.  The most aggrieved of them are suing it, claiming the insane ticket prices were unlawful. 

Though many fans were excited to see Swift in concert, the cost of buying a ticket has become such a problem that many have chosen not to purchase one.