How to accessorize your uniform for warmth during the winter


The Catalyst / Francesca Arbelaez

Juniors model their “layered for warmth” uniform look.

As the temperature drops, questions arise concerning NDB’s school uniform and its practicality in the colder months. However, there are many solutions to the chills a daily uniform brings while also following the dress code’s guidelines.

The most advantageous choice for bracing the crisp weather is lots of layering. A long-sleeved shirt under a uniform polo can add much more warmth to an outfit. If that is not enough, an extra sweater or jacket should be perfect as the cold weather continues. And if the three additional layers are still not warm enough, vests are a great choice as well as a popular one at NDB.

There has been a long-running argument for sweatpants to make their way into the uniform, however this year it is not permitted. It is sometimes unfortunate that skirts are a part of the daily uniform, but it is often forgotten that NDB offers uniform pants. They are warm and practical for the cold weather. However, leggings have also proved to be a warm option and given that many students already own some, they are a more convenient alternative for brisk Belmont mornings. Furthermore, fleece-lined leggings can substitute multiple layers and combat the need for sweatpants.

With the holidays drawing nearer, fuzzy socks begin to make an appearance at NDB, and not only can they be festive, but warm as well. In addition to layering outerwear, socks and leg warmers can be layered for maximum warmth. If other appendages such as hands and fingers get cold, gloves or mittens can be a quick fix as well. In addition, hand-warmers can be put in gloves and or socks for extra coziness.

Sometimes, when it is too difficult to get warm from the outside, it can be simpler to warm your insides with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Starbucks cups have become a part of the NDB uniform as it is the ideal pit stop before a chilly day at school. Additionally, Epicurean in the cafeteria serves hot tea, coffee and hot cocoa every morning for student enjoyment.

Students have found creative ways to warm up during the winter and it can be expected that these new additions to NDB’s uniform will continue in the coming winter months.