NDB celebrates the holiday season around campus


The Catalyst / Mia Muzzi

Decorations have been put up all over the school, bringing holiday cheer to students and staffulty.

The NDB community observes several winter holidays, including Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. As these holidays approach, the school celebrates in a variety of ways.

Over the past two weeks, decorations have been put up around the school by both students and staffulty. Most notably are the Christmas trees that can be found around the entire campus. During collaboration on November 30, students assisted Director of Student Life Alisia Bergholm in hanging ornaments and lights on the trees for community service hours. This activity was an exciting way for students to get into the holiday spirit while also helping NDB.

Teachers have also brought out holiday decorations to bring festivity to their classrooms. Many have hung lights on their doors and brought menorahs and advent wreaths to be displayed while school continues into the holidays. Some teachers, such as Spiritual Life teacher Helen Ciernick, have strung lights around the frame of their classroom doors to show their enthusiasm.

During collaboration on December 3, students gathered in the Moore Pavillion to watch the dance classes perform in their Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Showcase. With this being the first time it has happened in three years due to COVID-19, it was an exciting event for many. In addition to the performances, the theme of NDB’s Winter Formal was announced as “Once Upon a Dream.” This assembly was the first of NDB’s holiday themed events for the upcoming weeks.

Students and staffulty attended the Mass of the Immaculate Conception on December 8. The mass celebrated the Christian story of Saint Mary and her conception of the baby Jesus. For many Christians, Advent is a time in which to celebrate their religion and traditions, which is why the mass was an important addition to NDB’s holiday celebration.

On December 5 and 6 during all religion classes, students went to the Advent Retreat. The event was planned by Director of Mission and Ministry Amy Jobin along with Hallmarks in Action board and the spiritual life department. Students participated in an Advent trivia game and played a Kahoot to learn more about the meaning behind Advent and what it represents. After the games, students watched what was called “Culture Shares” and listened to what some of their classmates do to celebrate their religion during the holidays.

In addition to all the other events happening at NDB, the annual Winter Spirit Week was announced on December 2.Homeroom presidents were instructed by the Associated Student Body (ASB) to tell their classmates. With the announcement came much anticipation around campus for the upcoming week. The Spirit Days will begin on Monday December 12 and end right before the first finals, on Thursday December 15. Giving students a little bit of fun before they have to complete their finals, the themes have been creatively thought through by ASB. Starting on Monday, students will be dressed ready for the theme “Hit the Slopes,” with the following Spirit Days being “Santa’s Spies,” “White Out” and “Holiday Pajama Day.”

“In preparation for the week, we have been making tons of posters to hang in the hallway like we did for the other Spirit Week,” said ASB Athletics Director Sophia Rask. “I’m most excited for the White Out day because we have something special happening.”

This time of year is always exciting for people, but NDB has been working diligently to make this year special for their students. There are many spirited events to look forward to as the school continues recognizing the holidays.