NDB community travels for winter break


The Catalyst / Ashley Turner

Many NDB students plan to travel to Lake Tahoe.

With whichever holiday an NDB student may celebrate during the winter break, the time off presents the perfect opportunity for some time away from home. Because of long homework nights and now, studying for finals, students are pent up in their bedrooms for long periods of time. A change of scenery is certain to rejuvenate spirits after a week of relentless assessments, essays and projects. A number of students will be leaving the familiarity of the Bay Area for a destination sure to bring family bonding and self-care.

Some find themselves escaping from the cold weather while others aim to embrace it. A favorite approach to a white Christmas is a four hour drive northeast to Lake Tahoe. Whether hoping to watch a snowstorm from the comfort of your room or heading out to ski, families enjoy the convenient location. Freshman Keira Kennon will be driving up to the lake to celebrate Christmas and New Years.

“I’m going to Incline and I’m going with my family and my friend,” says Kennon. “A tradition we have is that we play cards every year.”

Junior Karly Bordin will take a break from cold weather as she flies over the Pacific Ocean. She has a family trip to Hawaii planned with her brothers, parents and grandparents.

“I am going to the island of Kawaii,” says Bordin. “I am looking forward to being out of town and being in a warm, tropical place during Christmas break.”

Student Services Coordinator Barbara Tauskey will be flying for a brisk hour and a half, south of the Bay Area to Carlsbad. She will be reunited with her niece as well as her niece’s three-year-old son, George, and newborn daughter, Sophie. Tauskey, alongside her mother, have planned the trip to meet the newborn for the first time.

When asked how she will be spending her time in Carlsbad, Tauskey replies, “I’m planning to hold the baby a lot. Take George for walks. And just enjoy family. My mother is also the great-grandmother to this baby. It will be absolutely lovely for my mother to see her great-grandchildren.”

Winter break serves as the perfect time for students to escape the normal daily routine for one filled with relaxation, favorite pastimes and exploring new locations. Travel promotes great quality time with family, traditions, new memories and experiences.