Becoming Notre Dame welcomes freshmen into the NDB community


The Catalyst / Maisie Street

Students discuss with one another in Becoming Notre Dame, a freshman-only class at NDB.

As freshmen enter the NDB community, they learn about the classes available and what the school can offer. This year’s freshman class, the Sharks, were curious about a relatively new class at NDB, Becoming Notre Dame.

The class originated three years ago and is meant to help freshmen learn and exhibit the hallmarks of NDB as well as promote NDB as a home and a family. This class welcomes students into the loving and open community of NDB as they become official members of the student body and essential parts of the community.

Becoming Notre Dame is taken the first semester of freshman year as a spiritual life class. Gillian Imazumi-Hegarty, who teaches Becoming Notre Dame mentions the importance of the course to the new community members.

“[Becoming Notre Dame] builds relationships in a more uniformed way as well as helps students learn the information and expectations … to be part of the Notre Dame community,” said Imazumi-Hegarty.

This school year, NDB is focusing on Hallmark Six, “We create community among those with whom we work and with those we serve.” By taking Becoming Notre Dame, students can further view experiences through the lens of the hallmarks that are taught at NDB, like Hallmark Six. In addition, Becoming Notre Dame students have a supportive classroom environment, promoting good and active learning where growth can occur.

Even though the importance of this class is sometimes questioned, many students still say that it helped them feel confident and accepted at NDB.

“It helped me gain more confidence in my classes, [I felt comfortable] raising my hand and knowing I wouldn’t be judged because of how close we got,” said junior Milan Pineda.

Becoming Notre Dame creates a space where students can be their true individual selves. It is used to promote the importance of helping others and caring about one’s community and peers with the goal of integrating powerful women into the world. The class helps freshmen step into a community that cares and loves each other for who they are, where they are empowered to learn and grow.