Freshmen attend annual Link-O-Ween haunted house


The Catalyst / Mia Muzzi

Link Crew members used masks and baseball bats as props to scare freshmen.

On Thursday, October 27, Link Crew put on their annual haunted house for the freshman class. The event was held after school hours and gave the Sharks the opportunity to come together and celebrate the end of their first Halloween Spirit Week at NDB.

The Link Crew board has been planning the event since the beginning of the school year, and spent all of Spirit Week preparing with decorations and costumes. The haunted house was “Barbie Dream House” themed, and the entire bottom floor of the school building was transformed with spiderwebs, flickering light fixtures and fake blood. Upperclassmen dressed up in doll-inspired outfits with graphic face makeup.

“I enjoyed being a tour guide in the haunted house because I got to get to know and spend time with my sister class,” said Link Crew Board Member Cameron Brady.

While waiting for their turn to walk through the haunted house, freshmen had the chance to watch a movie, socialize and eat snacks in the Innovation Lab.

The haunted house, also known as Link-O-Ween, is an NDB-favorite because it is an exciting way for the freshmen to bond with their older sisters.