NDB community gathers for the Fund a Future Scholarship Benefit


The Catalyst / Mia

Alumnae speakers and Director of Advancement Celine Curran pose after the Fund a Future event.

On the evening of Wednesday, October 26, NDB held the Fund a Future Scholarship Benefit. The event consisted of a dinner and honored three alumnae speakers. Alumnae, parents, and former faculty and staff all joined together for the purpose of fundraising for future NDB community members. 

Volunteers on the Fund a Future student leadership board helped lead the event. The Moore Pavilion had been transformed for the night with carpet, tables and a stage for the program. 

Following the hors d’oeuvres, main course and dessert, the program began and Head of School Meredith Essalat welcomed attendants and thanked them for their presence. Senior Media Relations Consultant for Kaiser Permanente Antonia Ehlers, NDB Class of ‘86, took her place as mediator before she introduced the three honorees. 

In line with the theme of “Celebrating Health and Wellness,” the featured speakers, Dr. Bridget Marchetti Philip, ‘92, Dr. Diana Marchetti Barrett, ‘97, and Dr. Jacqueline Evans, ‘05, all have backgrounds in the medical field.

Philip was the first to deliver her speech. She connected the leadership skills she developed at NDB to the composure she must maintain as an anesthesiologist during emergency situations.

“Especially, thank you to Notre Dame Belmont and the Sisters of Notre Dame,” said Philip. “For being that stabilizing force during my teenage years which helped to bring me forward to be able to achieve college and beyond with a desire to serve others.”

Barrett spoke next about how her Psychology class at NDB had introduced her to her lifelong career. She explained that the education is beneficial for its students’ futures in balancing their responsibilities.

“Self-discipline came with balancing Advanced Placement and honors classes with extracurriculars,” said Barrett. “Risk taking in a safe environment afforded an opportunity to learn to cope with setbacks and failures.”

Lastly, Evans was introduced, and she shared her gratitude for NDB’s effort to reach the lives of those who could not afford the tuition. As a former recipient of the scholarship fund, she felt especially close to the event overall. She said that NDB’s nurturing support benefits all aspects of life.

“As we were pushed to cultivate a strong work ethic, we realized quickly that dreams could truly be achieved when coupled with intentional action,” said Evans. “The intrinsic dynamics of the single sex education at Notre Dame proved vital in planting a seed of truth that an educated woman could take on any worldly frontier that she chose.”

To close the evening, senior Sofia Frisz spoke about the impact that NDB has had on her life so far. Through the relationships she has built, Frisz is prepared for her future, and she attributes that confidence to NDB.

Because of the Fund a Future program’s emphasis on the impact NDB leaves on its students, donors can be assured that their generosity will only fuel the development of brighter futures.