Day #1: BBQ Dads v. Soccer Moms


The Catalyst / Dayna Sockol

On Monday, October 24, NDB’s Spirit Week festivities began. Spirit Week, put on by ASB, started with a battle between sister classes of BBQ Dads versus Soccer Moms. Many students chose to participate and dress up for the spirit day so the NDB community is looking forward to seeing how each class continues to be spirited every day this week.

“This Spirit Week seems like it’s going to be super fun,” said junior Helena Morell. “ASB has put in a lot of work for this, and I love all the themes. Soccer Moms versus BBQ Dads is my absolute favorite. It is amazing seeing the classes come together and dress, especially with the freshman having their first NDB Spirit Week. I am very excited to see everyone’s costume this week.”

For their first spirit day, the Monarchs and the Wildcats took on the role of BBQ Dads. They dressed up as what they saw as a typical father cooking barbecue food. Most girls chose to wear clothes found in their dad’s closet, such as knee length jean shorts and a tucked in polo shirt. This look would not have been complete without a baseball cap and some fashionable sunglasses.

The freshman and juniors dressed up as Soccer Moms for the day. A soccer mom is known to be bringing snacks and drinks to every game so many girls chose to bring bags full of goodies to school. As for clothes, most moms dress in the popular athletic brand, Lululemon. Many students wore long sleeved shirts, leggings and a North Face vest on top. They also accessorized with sunglasses and hats to keep the sun out of their face.

At NDB, students dressed up exactly how a classic BBQ Dad and Soccer Mom would. Walking around campus and seeing everyone laughing, taking photos with their disposable cameras and having fun was an enjoyable sight for students and staff.

NDB started off strong with their first spirit day and remain ready for a fun-filled Spirit Week where students will be dressing up in their most creative costumes to match the theme.