Mercy B and NDB Spirit Squads cheer at Serra HS homecoming game


The Mercy B and NDB Spirit Squads take team pictures before the halftime routine.

It was a sea of blue and gold at Serra HS’s Homecoming game against Archbishop Mitty on September 30. More than an estimated 3,500 people crowded the stands of Freitas Field to see the No. 30-nationally ranked Serra Padres beat Mitty HS with a final score of 35-7.

While most spectators had their eye on the football players, one couldn’t ignore the spirited cheers and dances choreographed in a friendly co-sister school effort by NDB and Mercy B for the Serra Padres.

The NDB Spirit Squad paired with Mercy B to cheer at the Serra HS Varsity Homecoming football game and the cheerleaders were able to charge the crowd during the thrilling game.

Football players ran through a line of Mercy B and NDB cheerleaders, which created a spirit tunnel for them to run through. With stunts built and rallies started, the players were given an exciting start to their big game.

The NDB Spirit Squad took over the first half of the game, leading the crowd through the first two quarters.

“I think it helps pump up the cheerleaders and it makes us do a better job because we’re under pressure. And we’re nervous so we feel like we have to do better,” Senior Sarah Howie reflected on the crowd. “We actually have to try really hard but we don’t want to mess up.”

Serra ended the first half in the lead, with a score of 14-0, and the NDB and Mercy B cheerleaders set up to perform their collective halftime routine for the fans.

The teams began practicing for their dual routine at the beginning of September. The coaches organized and held two practices with both teams, along with smaller separate practices.

The routine included all pom dancers and all varsity and JV cheerleaders from both teams. With about 70 girls in all, the teams were able to pull off one routine full of stunting, tumbling, and dances all choreographed and practiced to music.

Senior Mercy B Pom Dancer, Madi Fetisoff, played a large center role in the pom routine in the front of halftime. She was impressed by the simple coalition of both teams, making the routine easier to achieve with such a large group.

“I think both teams worked great together from the practices, to game day, everyone got along and supported each other,” Fetisoff shared. “It was important for all of us to come together as a sister school to support each other while we supported Serra as one big team.”

The Mercy B cheerleaders closed out the game by cheering for the second half. NDB continues this annual Homecoming tradition with Mercy B after many years. The sister-school cheerleaders pulled off an amazing halftime performance, leading the Padres to another win!