Kairos retreat returns for Fall 2022


The Catalyst / Courtesy of Martha Anne Kuntz

Four teachers and four student leaders led this year’s fall Kairos retreat.

On Friday, October 7, 20 juniors and seniors returned from a week-long retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains. Kairos, a religious retreat offered to upperclassmen, provides students with the opportunity to reflect on themselves and their relationships with others through student-led activities.

Kairos is an annual NDB tradition that was brought back for the first time last year since COVID-19. Upperclassmen are happy to enjoy the experience and underclassmen hear about a tradition they will soon be able to share.

The beautiful scenery along with the distance from school allows students to focus on their spiritual growth.

“Kairos is about finding how God, the universe and Mother Nature, fits into your life and how you fit into it,” said leader Wendy Connolly.

The details of the retreat are kept a secret to make the memories made private and personal to the group that attended. An essential part of the Kairos experience is surprise and embracing the unexpected.

“People might be apprehensive about going and not knowing what to expect, but I’d say it’s one of the best things because you get so much out of it,” said senior Kairos leader Caitlynn Reynolds. “It’s such a great time for personal growth and reflection, and sometimes Kairos comes when you need it most.”

Students who attended Kairos have found great value from the retreat, sharing positive experiences and recommending it to students who may be considering going in future years.

“I recommend that students go to Kairos if they want to go to Kairos,” said Connolly. “If you get talked into it, you don’t really want to go but you’re going, you’re not open to the magic that is Kairos. But if you’re open to it, it can be an amazing experience.”

For students interested in experiencing a transformative NDB tradition, there will be more opportunities to come and future retreats to look forward to.