Get “unhinged” at the Winchester Mystery House


For Halloween, something really scary awaits down highway 280 at the Winchester Mystery House. Now, touring the mansion might be something one subjects their out-of-town family and friends to while they wait for them in the garden and do a selfie photoshoot. But, visiting the estate for its “Unhinged: Nightshade’s Curse” Halloween attraction is something that everybody must do.

Scheduled for only thirteen nights – Get it? – throughout September and October, the event features a haunted house tour as well as carnival games and sideshows along with refreshments for sale.

The pièce de résistance is the tour of the mansion itself. Without a guide. In the dark. Be prepared to walk up and down hallways and staircases and through rooms and closets, some of them filled with ghosts, creatures, and other scary things that make those noises that you send your parents to check on in the middle of the night.

This year, the tour includes several routes. Note that it does cost more for the VIP ticket which allows one to take a second tour of the mansion and go down the other route.

Is it scary? Yes. How scary is it? You might want to pack an extra pair of underwear to change into after your visit. Or maybe go shopping for new bottoms across the street at Santana Row or Valley Fair.

The house is already creepy during the day – During the day. It’s even creepier at night. Go with the company of friends. Enjoy, but don’t get separated. Or else there may be an extra seat or two on your car ride home. And, when one does get home, it may be a good thing to burn some sage and cleanse themselves just in case a ghost followed them home.

General admission is $69.99 and VIP is $79.99. On value nights, it is $64.99 and $84.99, respectively. Parking is complimentary.