Dogs get festive for Halloween


The Catalyst / Francesca Arbelaez

A furry customer of Bow Wow Meow dresses up as a princess for Halloween.

As Halloween grows closer, it is important to find the perfect costume. However this does not have to only be a human holiday, it can include dogs, cats, birds or lizards as well. For many pet owners, finding a cute Halloween costume for their furry friend might be almost as enjoyable as finding one for themselves.

Interestingly, these costumes date back thousands of years to ancient Egypt where kings would dress their pets in silks, jewels and velvet to promote status and wealth. Similarly, throughout history, samurais and soldiers would put armor and helmets on their dogs to protect them in battle.

People now have very different motivations for dressing up their pets. Many believe that their animals look cute and like the feeling of festivity an outfit generates. Some people do it so their pet can match their own costumes and is not left out of the festivities. Others do it to garner likes on social media.

If you want to dress up your pet, be sure to pick the right kind of clothing and look for signs; if your pet is uncomfortable in the costume, they will show it. However, there is no reason to prevent your pet from wearing a costume as long as they are content and calm.

Stores like Bow Wow Meow, a small pet store in San Carlos, sell many different kinds of Halloween-themed outfits and accessories. These include items such as pumpkin hats, ladybug wings and more. The costumes are not guaranteed to stay on for a long time but will make for a good photo opportunity.

There are additional ways to include your animal in festivities besides a costume. You may decorate their leash or collar with accessories like bandanas or bows. Also, if you live in a prominent pet neighborhood, you may want to put out dog treats as well as candy for kids.

This spooky season offers many possibilities for your pets to wear a festive outfit and is guaranteed to make everyone smile, whether you’re going trick-or-treating in your neighborhood or attending a party at a neighbor’s house that allows pets.