What’s trending in fall fashion?


Aviator Nation sweatpants are a fall favorite.

Fall is right around the corner, flared leggings and oversized hoodies are making their approach on NDB’s free dress Friday. As students conquer the cold in their skirts and polos, each day they are finding new and intriguing ways to stay warm and stylish. Fashion items are constantly changing, but here are some of the most popular apparel today:

Flared Leggings, Aerie

Warm and comfy, flared leggings are this fall’s go-to attire. Aerie, American Eagles’ active brand, has one of the most soft and comfortable leggings with flared bootcut bottoms. Worn with any type of top, these leggings are perfect for a cold free-dress Friday.

Align Tank, Lululemon

The align tank top, from a known athletic brand Lululemon, has been one of many popular crop tops worn this past summer. This athletic tank top found in many different colors has been a huge hit and is continuing to shine into fall. With a soft buttery feeling, this tank is meant to be comfortable for day to day use, exercise and more. It can be worn under flannels, hoodies or any jacket in the approaching cold weather.

Sweatpants, Aviator Nation

Teens are always looking for a comfy and cute way to dress. The sweatpants from Aviator Nation established with different colors and styles, are perfect for this fall. With different designs, stripes and patterns, these sweatpants are always new, exciting and stylish.

Blazers, Nike

Every good outfit needs good shoes. The Nike Blazers are a great way to tie together your outfit, from the fun colors, styles, and comfort they bring. They can be paired with leggings, sweatpants, jeans or truly anything. With two different styles, high and low tops, Nike Blazers can fit anyone’s style and take them into Fall.

Corduroy Pants, Urban Outfitters

One piece of clothing popping up lately are corduroy pants. Corduroy is a unique “soft-felt” pattern from the 1970’s found in multiple different colors. High and low rise, wide and skinny legged, this attire has launched in tons of different styles. Chillier weather is approaching quickly, with this soft comfortable material, corduroy pants are the perfect fit for this season.

These are just a few of many popular pieces of clothing and styles that are rising into this fall. As the cold and cozy weather approaches, more pants, sweatshirts and other warmer attire are coming into action. NDB’s free dress Fridays are getting more fashionable as students accessorize and add to their outfits depending on the changing weather. This fall it can be expected that there is going to be a lot of unique styling, making each uniform original.