Best scary movies to stream during October


The Catalyst / Photos compiled by Mia Muzzi

Scary movies are frequently watched throughout the month of October to celebrate Halloween.

Scary movies are always a popular choice, but they are most often watched during Halloween season. The “Scream” series, “Happy Death Day,” “Us” and many others are must-watches during this spooky season.
The “Scream” series consists of five movies. The franchise is a go-to for many teenagers due to the incorporated high school setting. The first of the series follows a girl whose mother had just been murdered the previous year. She is part of a very stereotypical group of high school friends with their share of dating, drama and parties.
Suspicions rise, leading many to believe the incidents are connected to the same person. Reports and encounters were made claiming to see a person with a mask. The grand reveal of the murderer led to surprise from many viewers with the results being completely unexpected.
The story continues throughout the following movies with the most recent just released this past year. The “Scream” series are the perfect movies to watch when looking for a scary film.
Another movie, “Happy Death Day” is a perfect balance between horror and comedy, with enough jump scares to keep your adrenaline up and characters that will keep you laughing. The general plot of the movie follows protagonist Tree Gelbman, a college student reliving the day she was murdered.
Whenever looking for entertainment that will not leave you with nightmares, comedic horror movies are the way to go. The audience is brought to laughter when the protagonist once again fails to survive the murder in “Happy Death Day.”
In the film “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,” protagonist Stella and her friends spend their Halloween night in a haunted house. The house is mysteriously haunted by Sarah Bellows, a woman whose family kept her there in captivity.
While at the house, Stella finds a book of scary stories, and takes it home to read. Trouble starts when Stella flips to a blank page, quickly being filled out in red script, soon finding out it is a story about a kid in her class. Stella and her friends try to stop the curse of the stories before it ends all of their lives creating a thrilling plot and a movie sure to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.
“Us” is a movie that evokes chills from the creepy occurrences that happen to the Wilson family. The setting of the movie takes place in Santa Cruz and even featured scenes filmed at the Beach Boardwalk, adding to its popularity especially in the Bay Area. The eeriness of watching a horror movie take place in a location so familiar brings a sense of great discomfort for the viewers.
The movie “Us” centers around the world we see everyday, but the film slowly reveals an underground world filled with doppelgangers. The Wilson family comes face-to-face with their own, initiating many excruciating hours of fighting till the very death.
“Sleepy Hollow” balances a combination of romance, horror and fantasy. The film is based on the classic short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving. A number of beheadings in the small town results in the summoning of New York City detective Ichabod Crane. He grows close to the daughter of the home he is boarding at, Katrina Van Tassel, but soon thereafter, the fourth beheading occurs.
The town discovers the murderer to be the headless horseman. Rather than being a completely gory movie, “Sleepy Hollow” finds a way to carry in other genres to increase interest as well.
Watching scary movies is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween. A scary movie does much more than frighten the audience, making it a fun experience for all.