Popular Halloween costumes for 2022


The Catalyst / Adeline Ventura

Halloween masks being sold at a store.

Halloween is a holiday of hanging out with friends or family, getting free treats, and dressing up. Most people want to find a unique costume that will allow them to stand out. Others love doing group costumes with their friends. Here are some of the most popular pop culture costumes of Halloween 2022.
The first is a “Stranger Things” group costume. “Stranger Things” season 4 came out in May 2022 and was a hit with many teens. So, it is expected to be a popular group costume with people dressing up as 011, Mike, Max, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Steve, Robin, Nancy, and Jonathan.
Another popular costume, that tends to be a yearly recurrence, is Disney princesses or villains. This is both a group and individual costume. Disney characters are always an easy backup if you are struggling to come up with a creative costume idea.
Next on the list is the group costume of “Teletubbies”. This is a show for children under 3 years old. However, many teens love to dress up as these crazy-looking characters.
Multiple Marvel movies have come out this year, which are spurring many ideas for Halloween costumes. The most popular characters for Halloween costumes include Dr. Strange, Wanda Maximoff, and She-Hulk.
Stars Wars also had a few releases that are related to Halloween costumes this year as well. The main show is a series called “Boba Fett”. The costume ideas that are coming from this show include baby Yoda, the Mandalorian, and of course Boba Fett.
Last of all, the series known as “House of Dragon”, is very popular. It can be presumed that many people will base their costume ideas on this show.
Whether you want to match other people’s costumes or come up with a unique idea, these are the costumes that will be popular this Halloween. Happy Trick or Treating!