NDB’s First In-Person Back to School Night Since 2020: Q&A


The Catalyst / Annette Henderson

Sarah Boragno, an English teacher at NDB, speaks with the parents of her students.

Wednesday, September 7 marked the first in-person Back to School Night at NDB since 2020. For the past two years, this event has been held virtually. Hosting it in-person allowed families to see what is in store for their daughters’ upcoming year and meet the new teachers.

Scott Henderson, father of NDB junior Annette Henderson, enjoyed this event. He went to classes such as Spanish III Honors, AP Language and Composition, AP United States History and more. The Catalyst asked Henderson about his first in-person Back to School Night as a NDB parent.

The Catalyst (TC): What insight did you gain from attending back-to-school night?

Scott Henderson (SH): We learned a lot more about [the] teachers’ and what their curriculums were … as to the whole purpose of it. We heard [the] teachers names and it was good to put a name to a face and learn the exact goals of the class.

TC: How was this experience different from the virtual Back to School Night?

SH: You can meet the teachers in-person which is the big difference. It felt more personal and we were able to meet more parents and see which parents were in the class, and interact with other families. The teacher can meet us as well.

For some teachers, this was their first back-to-school night at NDB. Sarah Boragno, a new English teacher, was able to meet all her students’ parents at this event.

TC: What did you focus on informing the parents on during your time with them?

Sarah Boragno (SB): My focus on all levels was about letting the parents know there are certain requirements for the class but also that I care about mental health. In class, our practice is working on skills in order to do well … I want kids to go to prom, go to the dances, go to football games and do well in school.

TC: How was this experience different from the virtual events that happened the last two years? (Anything better, anything worse?)

SB: It feels so good. There is an energy that Zoom can’t give off. It was nice to feel people’s energy and be able to have face to face conversations. It was community building.

TC: Was there anything you felt was unique about the night?

SB: It was just so nice to see that parents were so invested and involved in their child’s education. Then it was also so crazy to be on the other side of it, just thinking about my mom and dad coming around the halls. It was just a great way to connect with the parents and is another part of the community.