The Driver Era Concert


The Catalyst / Annabelle Huber

The Driver Era while performing at The Warfield Theatre.

On August 25, musical duo The Driver Era played at The Warfield Theater in San Francisco for the California leg of their tour. The band consists of brothers Rocky and Ross Lynch, who formerly made music together in their family band R5. Music support company MOXIE gifted free tickets to NDB’s Journalism program for two students to attend the concert.

Upon arrival at the venue, ecstatic fans wrapped around the building, waiting for doors to open. The theater contained balcony and floor seating, and both floors’ presence was evident when they cheered as the openers came out. The indie pop trio Almost Monday was the first opener, and they played upbeat and spunky songs. The crowd seemed to enjoy the energy of the San Diego-rooted group. Following their performance, the audience was graced with a second opener —-the alternative music group Summer Salt. The band’s songs were chill with a psychedelic feel, resembling musical artist Tame Impala. After a long-awaited 2 hours, fans were pumped and ready for the main band, The Driver Era.

As lights dimmed, the crowd started cheering as they anticipated the band’s entrance. The band kept the audience in anticipation, and while the opening song “Keep Moving Forward” echoed throughout the room, Ross and Rocky entered the stage while the audience was a blend of screaming and singing. The duo put on a good show and entertained their audiences as they jumped around the stage and moved with colorful lights. Flashing laser-like beams danced around the venue and changed colors to the beat of each song.

The band played their most streamed songs, “Preacher Man” and “Afterglow,” which fans seemed to appreciate as they sang every lyric and jumped up and down. Given the venue’s location, the group played their song “San Francisco,” and Ross proclaimed, “This is your song,” to which fans cheered. Along with their songs, Ross and Rocky covered “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson and Drake’s 2013 hit song “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” However, the songs that made the crowd most wild were “On My Own,” which was Ross’ song from the Disney Channel Original Movie “Teen Beach Movie 2,” and “Cali Girls” from the duo’s former band R5. As the crowd went eccentric upon hearing these old songs, it was evident where many of the band’s fan base came from—Ross Lynch’s acting career.

Early in his career, band member Ross Lynch built up a big fanbase as a Disney Channel star in the 2010s. He appeared in popular shows and movies such as “Austin and Ally” and “Teen Beach Movie”. There were many loyal supporters from his early days, as the crowd ranged from middle schoolers to high schoolers to young adults. The former Disney Channel star, alongside his brother, interacted several times with the crowd and even wore colorful cowboy hats that audience members threw on stage and drew a tattoo design for a fan.

At the end of the show, the band left the stage while fans chanted, asking for one more song. Giving the fans what they wanted, Rocky and Ross came back out for their encore and played a couple more songs. When they were officially finished, the venue played ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” and both fans and band members sang along while people were exiting and cleaning up. The Driver Era put on an entertaining performance and ensured the experience was memorable for all attendees.