Required pre-season weights are back


The Catalyst / Jennifer Jin

Tennis athletes roll out their muscles after a weight room session.

Weight training and cardio activity allows athletes to stay fit and prepared for their sport seasons ahead. This is why the weight sessions have returned as a requirement for all NDB athletes. Over the summer, the weight room was filled with athletes from all fitness levels and sports teams.

Each returning athlete is required to complete at least 20 workouts before their sport season begins. Multi-sport athletes only need to attend 20 preseason workouts before their first sport of the season. This system is unique to NDB, being one of the only schools on the peninsula that maintains pre-season workout requirements for the athletes. This rule has been set in place for the past 15 years, however was put on hold for the past two years during COVID-19.

As fall sports begin, athletes are required to attend weekly weight training sessions in the NDB weight room. Coach Kate Mahoney, who supervises the weight room, holds daily weight sessions for each sport, along with drop-ins. These sessions are about 30 to 45 minutes long with three sets of workouts ranging from balance to stability and core work.

“Through these sport specific exercises, athlete’s increase their strength and movement patterns which can translate to increased performance in their sport,” Mahoney shared.

Requiring these pre-season sessions has been proven to prevent potential injuries in NDB athletes. Making these sessions a requirement to participate in the sport encourages athletes to attend. These scheduled, simple workouts help strengthen muscles, while also exercising tendons and stretching ligaments, which ultimately prevent the amount of potential injuries for the upcoming season.

“Having a good base of conditioning and strength leading into a sports season can greatly lower the risk of injury. The focus of every workout is proper mechanics of all exercises. If an athlete does no training leading into a sports season their body will not be ready for the stress that is put on it during practices and competitions which can lead to injuries,” Mahoney stated.

NDB athletes are going into their sports ready for the seasons ahead.