Tom Brady returns to Buccaneers practice and many rumors arise

The seven-time Super Bowl Champion and Serra HS alumnus, Tom Brady ‘95, returns to the field amongst divorce rumors. After a month of retirement, Brady announced his return to his team of two years, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Upon his return, he delivered a speech on his attempts to better balance his family with his continuing career. While the NFL welcomed his quick-return, his wife, Gisele Bundchen, seemed to have an opposing opinion.

After a dispute over Brady’s return, his wife escaped to Costa Rica. When she returned to Florida, she was not seen with him which brought a lot of questions to the state of their relationship. In early August, the quarterback pursued an 11-day leave from training camp. Debates over the reason continue, even with Brady’s response that he was handling private matters. While fans suspect it to be family issues, there are suspicions of the break to be for his cameo in the “Masked Singer” television series.

Brady faces a great deal of criticism over his absence due to what he previously promised about the balance of his career. Many are predicting the Buccaneers to be in the Super Bowl, and many expect that Brady will be taking more time for himself as the season progresses.