Annie Lester ’24

The Catalyst interviewed Annie Lester, a student at NDB High School, about her feelings on masks being  a personal choice.


The Catalyst (TC): What is your (initial) reaction to the masking guidelines?

Annie Lester (AL): I was pretty excited because I think that for me and a lot of my friends, we were happy to be able to see each other’s faces again. And I feel like it kind of gives us more freedom and I’m glad that it’s optional so people can choose if they would rather wear one or like if they want to. 


TC: Why do you choose to wear a mask or not wear a mask?

AL: I’m choosing to not wear a mask –  just like what I just said about how I like to be able to see each other smile and it’s just more fun for me.


TC: What do you think of people who think differently from you: Those that are or are not wearing a mask?

AL: I think it’s totally fine. Like I said, it’s a personal choice. And if you don’t feel comfortable, then it’s up to you.


TC: Do you think dropping masks in school was the best decision for the state to make?

AL: I do, just because like going back to what I was saying earlier, I think it’s really important to learn and be able to smile and look at each other.


TC: Do you think there should be an online option for community members that are not comfortable with these masking guidelines?

AL: I’m kind of conflicted on that because obviously it would be good for people to have the opportunity if they don’t feel safe. But at the same time,at some point, we’re gonna have to get back to normal and it would be nicer to have our school be participating together.


TC: Do you think that we are anywhere near normalcy in terms of COVID-19? 

AL: I think in terms of COVID-19 we are getting really close to normalcy and I am hyped.


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