Chloe Parkinson, ’23

The Catalyst (TC): What was your initial reaction when the mask mandate was lifted?


Chloe Parkinson (CP): I was super excited but I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to wear my mask because it’s hard to breathe. 


TC: Why do you decide to wear/not wear your mask?


CP: I wear my mask in some classes, but not all. I would rather not wear them because people can’t hear me when I talk in class. I wear my mask in certain classes when most people are wearing them or the teacher wants me to. 


TC: Do you think dropping masks at school was a good idea for the state?


CP: It had to happen eventually, you know? We couldn’t stay masked up forever.


TC: Do you think there should be an online option for community members who aren’t comfortable with not wearing masks?


CP: Yes, absolutely. Everyone deserves to be comfortable at school and if they are at risk, we should respect them. 


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