Ava Jelniker, sophomore at Hillsdale High School

The Catalyst (TC): What is your school doing for the fall semester: on campus, hybrid, online, or something else?

Ava Jelniker (AJ): Online. 

TC: What does your typical school day look like?

AJ: We sit in our chairs and we do our classes online, and we listen to the teacher and fill out worksheets. 

TC: What do you wish that your school was doing for the fall semester: on campus, hybrid, or online?

AJ: I wish that we were doing part of it on campus because I missed seeing my classmates. Online classes are pretty boring. 

TC: NDB is continuing online distance learning until December. What do you think about that?

AJ:  I think that’s good because I think that it’s important for slowing down COVID and keeping people safe, but I also wish that we could go back to school sooner. 

TC: Has Hillsdale made the announcement of how long they’re continuing online learning?

AJ: I think we’re doing it until the end of December, at least.

TC: How are you doing with school right now academically, socially or personally? 

AJ: I’m doing pretty well at school. I feel like the classes are easy, but it’s also kind of hard to be away from your teachers and your classmates, and it makes the work a little bit harder. It’s harder to talk personally with your teacher, because they can’t really help you one-on-one during class and you’d have to meet with them after class, at least for my school. 

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