Coleen Lorenz, Psychology and Dance Teacher

Coleen Lorenz, Psychology and Dance Teacher

The Catalyst (TC): What do you think about the announcement to continue online distance learning until December?

Coleen Lorenz (CL): I support and love how much we’ll be involved when we do go back in January. The preparation requires the quality of time to do so. Despite the restrictions to online distance learning, I hope the community still has the momentum going for the school year. 


TC: How has online distance learning impacted your teaching methods?

CL: It has taken a lot more time, but I’ve enjoyed that it is required out of me to go back and look at all my lectures. I have been able to transfer my lessons into visuals and language that is more condensed and potent for streamlining material.


TC: How do you feel about teaching on-campus with others who might not be that careful with hand washing, mask wearing, or social distancing?

CL: I hope everybody rises to an occasion of realizing an emotional intelligence that our actions as individuals do not only impact ourselves, but we have an impact on others. I know some people in my world who are extremely vulnerable to the virus, and I hope that people will be mindful of the health of others around them.


TC: How has distance learning affected your home life as well as your work life?

CL: I have dedicated enough space in my home for me to be able to teach my classes. I have my personal workstation with screens to separate my work life from home life. Afterwork, I am able to relax outside of my station by staying active outside to connect with nature through walks or bike rides.

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