Krista Mananquil, ’23

The Catalyst (TC): What do you think about the announcement to continue online distance learning until December?

Krista Mananquil (KM): I think it’s what’s best because even our president got coronavirus and I think California is one of the highest or the top states with the most coronavirus cases. I feel like it’s the safest option, although it might not be the best option or might not be the most sociable option or the option that we’d want, but I feel like it’s best that happens because it’s more, it’s healthier for the students, and everyone else.

TC: How are you doing with school right now: academically, socially, or personally?

KM: I feel like I’m doing a lot better than last year. I think I might just be me personally, but online learning kind of has its own difficulties, it has its own cons. Socially I don’t know I feel like isolating myself a lot, but I should be quarantined in general. Um, yeah socially and then personally. I’m sure I’m okay. I’m trying my best. Personally, I’m trying but as I said, school had its own difficulties. A lot of the instructions sometimes I don’t really completely understand. And then I just try to figure it out on my own.

TC: Do you wish NDB did anything differently with distance learning?

KM: Although I would like to have my camera off. And also I would like to rest well. I feel like it’s best that we are allowed to have our cameras off all the time because they obviously know they’re participating. I don’t know but one thing I do better about it because I wouldn’t know what I think people are doing. But I don’t know I feel like there has to be more. I don’t know seeing involvements because I know that clubs and other events that we can go to, but from what I see from other schools that are just from my personal view of other schools that they have a lot more events, I guess, and they have it more in advance. 

TC: What do you miss the most about being at school?

KM: I miss being able to talk to people and being able to ask questions or being afraid of disturbing class. I personally, just like breakout rooms because sometimes it can be really awkward. So I feel like I would prefer having it in small groups then breakout rooms, and I honestly like to talk to my friends during lunch, because I know I can just FaceTime them but if it hits differently when you’re with them actually.

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