Isabelle Haithcox, Science Teacher

Isabelle Haithcox, Science Teacher

The Catalyst (TC): What do you think about the announcement to continue online distance learning until December?

Isabelle Haithcox (IH): “I think it’s the best decision that we continue online distance learning through December, then we can start fresh in January.” Teachers and students will be able to learn all the new protocols when we all see each other again in person.


TC: How has online distance learning impacted your teaching methods?

IH: The biggest difference for me are the labs for my science classes. All the labs are going to be at home for each student to work on individually, but still in groups virtually through Zoom. “It’s also hard for me when I can’t be watching everybody do the labs at the same time and seeing how they’re going.”


TC: How do you feel about teaching on-campus with others who might not be that careful with hand washing, mask wearing, or social distancing?

IH: “I am nervous about it. My mom lives with us, and she is 86 years old and very vulnerable. I don’t want to bring the virus home.” When we return to campus, I am going to need to be extra careful and do my best to not be exposed.


TC: How has distance learning affected your home life as well as your work life?

IH: “There’s less separation between home life and work life, since it is all in the same place.” My dining table has become a mess, because it has become my workplace. I feel as if I am working more hours in the day for distance learning, than classes we had on campus. 

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