Kayla George, junior

The Catalyst (TC): What do you think about the announcement to continue online distance learning until December?

Kayla George (KG): I think it makes sense because going back to school would obviously be very risky for coronavirus, but I’m disappointed because I miss seeing everybody every day, and learning in person. 

TC: How are you doing in school socially, personally, and academically?

KG: I feel like teachers have turned it back well for online, so academically I’m okay. I miss seeing people as I said before, but I’m doing all right. 

TC: How’s your class tried to build community? Do you think that the weekly class meetings and other community-building activities are helpful?

KG: I don’t really think the class meetings are that helpful because it’s like the whole class and so we don’t really get to talk, it’s more just to get announcements across and then play a quick game and go. 

TC: How do you feel about coming to school on campus with others who have different situations in their household and might not have been as careful with mask wearing, social distancing, etc.?

KG: I’m a little worried, but I think if the school keeps up good cleaning procedures and people keep their masks on, I think it could be safe. 

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