Gender identity at NDB

Addressing LGBTQ+ issues at a Catholic school is complex and controversial. While the Church makes its stance on such issues clear, some of its members have promoted acceptance and understanding. In an effort to embrace the gift of diversity as noted in the Sisters of Notre Dame’s hallmarks, the Catalyst will strive to represent all of the voices in the NDB community, including its LGBTQ+ members, allies, and others, through its news, opinions, and other stories.

Single-gender education and gender identity

Johana Ligtenberg, Editor in Chief

by Johana Ligtenberg Editor in Chief NDB’s core values of sisterhood and the empowerment of young women are connected to its identity as an all-girls school. Research on single-gender education points to a variety of benefits, particularly for young women. However, one could also argue that all-girls and all-boys schools enforce “cisnormative” ideas about gender. (The term “cisgender,” and its prefix �...

How to be an LGBTQ+ ally

Julia Hebrok, Staff Writer

Being an ally to any community is an ongoing learning process. Not being part of the community that you support may make it impossible for you to fully grasp the weight of the issues that it deals with. However, there are some important ways that allies to any marginalized community, specifically the LGBTQ+ community, can be supportive. Firstly, respect everyone’s gender identity and sexual o...

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