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In search of the great pumpkin



Kaitlin McCarthy, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

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Halloween is right around the corner, which means it is the time of year where many head out to buy the perfect pumpkin. Thinking about this raised a certain question: why do people buy pumpkins at grocery stores versus going to a real pumpkin patch, and vice versa?

To try and find an answer, I decided to go to a pumpkin patch with a friend. We spent plenty of time taking pictures, getting lost in the corn maze, and helping each other pick out pumpkins.

There are some differences between going to a pumpkin patch and the grocery store. Firstly, pumpkin patches provide more photo opportunities and activities than grocery stores.

Another difference is the pumpkins’ appearances. Pumpkins in the grocery were mostly perfectly shaped and a nice, bright orange. Some say this is due to GMOs and pesticides. Pumpkins in a pumpkin patch are often flawed, and have some deformities. This is because they are straight from the ground, and have been grown organically.

So, here is the question: would you rather buy a pumpkin that may have some issues at a pumpkin patch and get the experience that goes with it, or go straight for a perfect one at the grocery store? Share your photos with the Catalyst with the hashtag #TheNDBCatalyst.

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Kaitlin McCarthy, Assistant Arts and Life Editor

Kaitlin is so excited to return to The Catalyst for her sophomore year! She hopes to pursue journalism and writing in college and beyond. In her free time,...

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In search of the great pumpkin