Spartans look forward to graduation trips


As the summer approaches, many students await their trips. It’s a popular tradition for seniors to go somewhere exciting during the summer with many friends. They go on this vacation to celebrate their completion of high school and spend time with the people who they will not be seeing as much after they leave for college.

Schyler DeWitt is heading to Waikiki, Hawaii for her graduation trip. She is going with a few of her friends and plans on meeting up with more classmates once they arrive. DeWitt is most excited to go to the beach, eat lots of great food and go shopping.

Isabelle Neil looks forward to her trip to Disneyland. She plans to leave for the resort for four days with her friends after graduation. Neil is most excited to relax and have fun after all the hard work she has put into school this year.

Avery Tuthill anticipates her trip to England and Scotland with her friend and fellow NDB senior, Emma Wylie. They also plan on visiting Wylie’s family while there. “I am most excited to travel and experience Europe,” said Tuthill. “And it will be fun to spend time with my best friend and to meet her family.”

Mara Riitters plans to go to Florida for her graduation trip. She is leaving a few days after graduation and going with some of her friends. Ritters is most excited to spend time with her friends that she will not be able to see as much in college.