New sports season starts


Sophomore Emma Callicott steps up to the block before her relay event at Menlo College.

The spring sports season has officially started at NDB which means a new start for lacrosse, track, beach volleyball, softball and swim. Students are excited to be able to have a new season with fewer COVID-19 restrictions. Hopefully, this season is successful for all those participating.

Amy Kanzaki, an NDB junior has expressed her excitement for the new beach volleyball season. “I am excited to be back on the sand this year and get more reps in,” Kanzaki continued, “I am also ready to finally compete with other schools.”

Anna Keim, an NDB junior is thrilled to start her new lacrosse season. This will be her third season on NDB’s lacrosse team. Keim said, “I’m excited for this season because I love playing and competing with my teammates and watching our skills improve throughout the season.”

Alexa Cuto, a junior at NDB is already having fun in her softball season. “Softball is going well. We’re 4-1 right now so we’re starting off strong,” Cuto continued, “our team is looking good and I can’t wait for the rest of the season.”

Another NDB junior, Ciara Kingham has shared her excitement to be having another swim season. “I can’t wait for this swim season because I love the sport itself, the coach, and my teammates,” Kingham even noted, “swimming is free therapy.”

An NDB sophomore, Annette Henderson is very happy to be starting another track season. “It is really exciting to start track again, not only is practice something I look forward to, where I can get faster and be alongside my team.” Henderson continued, “I’m also very excited to race, in hopes of getting a personal record for my events, which is always very fulfilling.”

With sports seasons becoming more normal, students are excited to have a new opportunity to excel in their sports and also become better athletes.