Same dress?: Prom planning begins


Instagram account @NDBPromDress22 helps students avoid the game of “Who wore it best?”

Preparation for NDB’s prom has officially begun with the theme formally announced. Students are rushing to prepare, which means running around to find their dream dress, picking out matching shoes and searching for the perfect accessories.

As prom continues to come closer, people look for different designs and colors to match this year’s theme, “Enchanted Garden.”

Prom dress shopping is quite the feat when seniors know that they only have one more prom left and strive to find their perfect dress.

The juniors and seniors have creatively formed a way to ensure that no one has the same dress. An instagram account titled “NDBPromDress22” allows students to share photos of their dress with others. Ensuring that no one has a matching dress is an important part of prom as it allows for the students to stand out and showcase their own style with a dress.

Some prefer more subtle pastels with designs while others prefer a darker toned color with no pattern at all. Depending on the person, the dress can reflect the type of style or their favorite color. Current trends and the theme of the dance are both important factors to consider when finding the perfect dress.

“I bought my prom dress from the same store I got my winter formal dresses,” shared junior Hannah Nebres. “I wanted something simple but not too plain, and the dress I picked fit those categories. I was attracted to the dress’s color and style.”

Shopping for prom can become an event itself. Students enjoy going with friends and family to try on outfits.

“I went in person shopping and tried on a couple of dresses but fell in love with the one I bought. I love the color and the way it fit,” said senior Emma Nilstoft. “I am really excited to wear a dress I feel good in.”

There is always the fear that students will buy the same dress.

“I am hoping since I bought it early others won’t have it,” Nilstoft explained.

Out of all the places to shop, the most popular this year seems to be B Chic Fashion in Belmont and Windsor and Trudy’s in San Jose. They each have a handful of different styles in a variety of sizes and colors. Places like these dress shops can make finding the right dress for the occasion much easier.

Prom is a highlight of many students’ school year and a big part of the night are the dresses. The stunning outfits make the event fancy, and allow students to enjoy a night that they will never forget. It will be exciting to see what everyone wears to prom this year.