How spring athletes chose the sport they play


The Catalyst / Ariana Kraemer

NDB beach volleyball tournament against Crystal Springs and Aptos high school.

Spring sports are back and almost completely normal now that the mask mandate has been lifted. Athletes are excited to get back to the sports they play, but how did they come across these sports? Varsity lacrosse player Cristine Niswander started lacrosse after trying out freshman year. She ended up loving the game and continued on in both school and club.

Some athletes have played their sport most of their lives while others started in high school and continued. Freshman Hailey Kockos started beach volleyball this year after doing volleyball in the fall. What made her so interested in the game was watching her sister play and then playing herself. While she has been playing indoor volleyball longer, beach volleyball has been more enjoyable for her.

Varsity softball player Alexa Couto has been playing baseball/softball since she was four. She started playing T-ball at the age of four before starting softball at the age of eight. She has enjoyed playing it ever since and says that watching college softball has inspired her to continue the sport and to make it as far as she can.

Junior Delaney Icard-Cullen does both track and cross country. She enjoys running cross country rather than track because she loved the sport and the support of her fellow teammates. She started cross country freshman year and this is her second year doing track. Outside of school she loves to ride mountain bikes and motorcycles when she has the time.

Even though each sport has their own style and rules, each athlete seems to love the sports they play because of their inspirations and the support of fellow athletes. While some of our athletes might be coming to the end of their respected sport, others are just getting started with their seasons here at NDB.