Theresa Hamilton

Theresa Hamilton, Parent

The Catalyst (TC): What is your (initial) reaction to the masking guidelines?

Theresa Hamilton (TH): I think that the school is actually being looking out for the best interests of all of their communities and trying to keep everybody safe and I believe that if they are saying that the kids can remove their masteries school is a safe environment. So I’m happy that they are able to go to school without masks. 

TC: Why do you choose to wear a mask or not wear a mask?

TH: I choose to wear a mask when I’m in concentrated areas of people like for instance, going to a market where a lot of people are shopping. I would wear a mask because I just think it’s healthy. Not to pick up extra germs. I’m not really afraid of picking up COVID But I think it’s a healthy practice in general. For the most part, if I’m not around a concentrated group of people, I choose not to wear a mask.

TC: What do you think of people who think differently from you: Those that are or are not wearing a mask?TH: I, I think that I think that everybody is reacting to COVID in their own way, and I believe that you know it’s respectful to listen to and pay attention to the ways of different people react to the different roles and their comfortability. Especially when we are talking about masking roles.

TC: Do you think dropping masks in school was the best decision for the state to make?

TH: Yes, I think the state has been pretty conservative as far as their restrictions pertaining to masks. And I think they’ve looked at the numbers. They’ve looked at the data. They’ve learned a lot about COVID. And if they’re saying that they believe that it’s safe, then I believe them.

TC: Do you think there should be an online option for community members that are not comfortable with these masking guidelines?

TH: Yeah, I think that everybody has their own personal comfortability with COVID in general. And if there’s somebody that’s very fearful of being in groups of people, without a mask, there should be some sort of option for that person not to participate at that level and have the opportunity to participate at whatever level they feel comfortable with.

TC: How would you feel about the state re-mandating masks?

TH: Well, I think if the state read Mesa makes, you know, a mandate whether or not mass is needed to be worn again, it would be because there would be a medical need health-oriented need. And I think that if that’s the case, that means that cases of COVID are rising and it’s unsafe because they’re spreading within environments where people gather in a concentrated area. So I would say put your mask on again if the state asks us to do that.

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