What is your family’s holiday tradition?

Natalie Nootbaar, Staff Writer

Freshman, Keara McDevitt (The Catalyst / Natalie Nootbaar)

“When I lived in Maryland, I used to spend time with my relatives at their house and we would have a nice, big dinner. My family would go to the 10:00 mass on Christmas Eve. We’d wake up early and eat a nice breakfast before opening gifts and then we listened to Christmas music while we sent thank you videos to our relatives.”

– Keara McDevitt 




Sophomore, Jasmine Westphal-Cullen (The Catalyst / Natalie Nootbaar)

“We usually don’t do anything, but if we do, we go up to Tahoe, we spend time there and make it home for the holiday.”

– Jasmine Westphal-Cullen 





Junior, Monique Samson (The Catalyst / Natalie Nootbaar)

“Every Christmas my family and I usually go on a small vacation whether it is going to Monterey or bringing my dog to the beach. Playing basketball and it being a winter sport, we usually aren’t able to travel far. This year we are hoping to bring my dog somewhere where it snows since he’s never experienced it before.”

– Monique Samson




Senior, Amanda Tam (The Catalyst / Natalie Nootbaar)

“Honestly we don’t have much of a tradition, but we usually go out for dinner to a fancy place with our relatives too. Sometimes we’ll stay home and watch movies and sometimes we’ll travel somewhere for the day, like San Francisco.”

– Amanda Tam





English teacher, Mrs. Martin (The Catalyst / Natalie Nootbaar)

“I am blessed and fortunate to live in close proximity to my immediate family. We get together for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our family traditions are simple and special. We exchange stories from the past and update each other on the present. I am one of five children and so these gatherings are lively and jovial. The rooms are filled with music and laughter. There is never a dull moment. It is most enjoyable to see my daughter play with her first cousins who are her age. The best part of the holiday season is experiencing the joy and love that family brings.”

– Mrs. Martin