Students attend Kairos retreat


The Catalyst / Caitlynn Reynolds

Staff and faculty gather around the iconic “Kairos Steps” for a final photo before departing

On Friday November 5, juniors and seniors came back from the Kairos retreat in Santa Cruz for the first time in two years and shared some of the exciting memories they made.
Kairos is a three-night spiritual retreat held exclusively for juniors and seniors. A majority of Kairos is supposed to be kept secret, which helps to keep the memories made at the retreat more private and special as well as making it mysterious and exciting for those who will participate in future years. The purpose of Kairos is to relax and have a breather, and many students also use it as a way to grow their faith.

NDB junior Caitlynn Renolds shared her positive Kairos experience. She made memories that she will cherish for a long time and encouraged others to go on the next Kairos experience.

Reynolds said, “For me, Kairos was one of the most amazing and purposeful experiences I’ve ever gotten to be a part of. I think Kairos benefitted me in many ways, and it was so nice to have the time off to put school aside and focus on yourself.” She continued, “I loved being a part of the kairos experience so much as a junior, that it also made me want to lead as a senior too!.”

Though most is kept secret, Reynolds was able to share that she made some very special memories.

“I can tell you that the memories you will make on the trip will last forever, and the experience will definitely be one to remember.” She added, “The connections you make with people over telling stories and asking questions are connections you wouldn’t normally get to make on a daily basis.”