Point of View: Juniors finish their first semester back on campus


The 2021-2022 first semester is almost over and juniors are almost done with their first fully in-person semester in two years, and almost everything about them has changed since then. They are two years older and creating so many new experiences.

NDB junior Sofia Friz says she feels the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced these changes.

“We all had time to truly reflect on what we want to do and what makes us happy,” Friz stated “For me, I knew what I wanted to do when we got out of the lockdown because I made a big list of different things I wanted to do when COVID-19 got better such as going to more athletic games and joining specific clubs.”

The juniors also just had their Junior Ring Ceremony. A right of passage as an NDB student, the Junior Ring Ceremony celebrates that they are just about halfway done with high school. Given the NDB community had a whole year online, it’s hard to think the juniors are almost done. Students led prayers and got their rings blessed. They got to show off their new bling, spend time with family, and celebrate the people they have become.

Some juniors also got to experience Kairos, a spiritual retreat only open to upperclassmen. People made lots of fun memories and grew closer to one another. It is exciting to experience all these events they looked forward to as freshmen.

Friz also added, “It feels amazing to be back in person. I definitely feed off of others energy and support so being in person has truly impacted how I am as a student.”

The juniors are now approaching their fifth round of finals, a nice humbling experience reminding them that there is still a long way to go. However, as the end of their high school career gets closer to its ending, it is important to appreciate where they are now and cherish all the fun memories.