Key Club RTC (Regional Training Conference)


The Catalyst / Kristi Xia

Key Club Members from the California-Nevada-Hawaii region meet at the annual Regional Training Conference held at Camp Jones Gulch on October 2nd.

From October 2nd to 3rd, NDB Key Club members attended the organization’s annual Regional Training Conference at Camp Jones Gulch in La Honda, which united Key Clubbers from across the California-Nevada-Hawaii district, of which NDB’s club is a member.
One of the most popular clubs at NDB, Key Club is the school’s own branch of an international student-led organization dedicated to community service. However, the club is so much more than just service projects. Key Club provides students opportunities to connect with others at their own school, in their communities, and across their distinctive districts, which include clubs from multiple states.
One of these bigger opportunities is Key Club’s annual Regional Training Conference, or RTC. RTC takes place each fall within Key Club districts across the globe, and provides an opportunity for Key Clubbers to strengthen themselves as leaders, well-rounded students, and club members.
Kristi Xia, NDB junior and Key Club President for the 2021-2022 school year, attended this year’s event.
“I feel that attending definitely strengthened me as a Key Club Member, because I was able to network and meet people from Napa to Monterey,” said Xia. “I was able to see how they ran their clubs and did certain events, so it was great to get insight on different possible ways I could benefit my club. I think it is very important for people to attend because as it is our first big event of the term, it’s a great way for people to get the ‘Key Club 101’ rundown.”
The event had lots of fun activities, including a nighttime campfire where Key Clubbers put on skits based on important ideas such as personal growth and one’s moral compass. Each year there is also a featured keynote speaker. This year, an FBI agent spoke at the event, and she was able to help inspire students through college-career feedback and beyond.
“For high schoolers who are unclear about high school aspects that are not Key Club related, it’s a great event to [gain] more knowledge,” said Xia.
Key Club has more fun events coming up for its members, including its annual Fall Rally, which takes place this year on October 23rd. Another district-based event, thousands of Key Clubbers from the CNH district will travel to Six Flags in Northern California, where they will hold a giant spirit rally with proceeds of the event going towards the Pediatric Trauma Program.
For more information on Key Club at NDB, reach out to President Kristi Xia.