Celebrating Halloween on a Sunday:Is it a trick or a treat?


The Catalyst / Emma Boyd

From the archives: Several students show off their Hogwarts-themed costumes on Ding-Bat Day, NDB’s take on Halloween, on October 31, 2019.

Emma Boyd, Staff Writer

As we come closer to Halloween, students around the nation are excited to dress up and trick-or-treat. This year, Halloween falls on a Sunday. Celebrating it on a weekend day is always exciting for millions of kids, but many have conflicts with the traditional Sunday events. 

The religious conflicts that are present for many can make it hard for people to celebrate the holiday on a Sunday. Those who attend church or have other religious obligations have a hard time indulging themselves in the traditional Halloween celebrations. These religious conflicts cause children to have mixed feelings about Halloween on a Sunday. Many children will try to respect their family’s religious beliefs, while also celebrating the Halloween traditions with friends. This overlap between religious and Halloween celebrations is a hard bridge for many to cross. 

Along with the religious conflict, there is a physical conflict as well. Trying to concentrate while being deprived of sleep is a very hard thing to do, especially if students have a test or a big project on Monday. 

Although the school day should still be mandatory, schools should take into consideration how late their students will be staying up. Students would benefit from a late start on the Monday after Halloween, so they can get enough sleep to focus on school the next day. 

Lack of sleep can cause a handful of issues, such as losing focus or forgetting things, especially  for students when they have to wake up early the next day. Giving the students the option to sleep in for a late start day would be beneficial. 

I believe that Halloween on a Sunday can be a blessing and a curse. Having it on a Sunday means that people can prepare for a longer amount of time that week in order to celebrate safely. 

However, this means that there is work or school the next day and it can be hard to focus after a long night. Not being able to get enough sleep can be difficult, and I for one do not wish to take notes the day after. 

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