The Catalyst / Ariana Kraemer

Krista Mananquil, ’23

The Catalyst (TC): How are you planning to celebrate Halloween this year?

Krista Mananquil (KM): I might go to my friend’s party on halloween day, but for the Halloween weekend, I am helping to organize a campout for scouts.

TC: How are your plans different from before COVID-19?

KM: Yes, they are different from before COVID. I feel like I’ve grown and reached the age where I choose to go to parties or events instead of trick or treating. It amazes me how much I’ve changed over two years. Also, my parents and I are both concerned about possible COVID transfer in trick or treating.

TC: How do you feel about Halloween this year?

KM: I feel like people are spending more money on Halloween even though it’s COVID because people are making up for what COVID took away with decorations and going all out on costumes. I feel like it’s even more exciting this year though because of how much people missed Halloween over quarantine. Personally, I’m excited because the campout for scouts I’m helping organize is at my favorite camp.


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