NDB golf Q&A (Varsity)


The Catalyst / @NDBTIGERS

Alison Lewis played a golf match at Moffett Field.

The Catalyst (TC) sat down with varsity golfer Alison Lewis to ask her what it is like playing the sport for NDB.

TC: Have you played golf before NDB?
Alison Lewis (AL): Yeah, this is my second season. I joined last year in the spring during the COVID season.

TC: Have you participated in any tournaments this year?
AL: No, I’ve played the matches, but I haven’t gotten to any tournaments.

TC: How are the matches going for you?
AL: We had our third one this week, and I definitely improved. They’re very long but they’ve been fun.

TC: How does this year compare to years before?
AL: Well I haven’t played when it wasn’t COVID like last season, so the rules for me are pretty much the same. This season we’re allowed to take our masks off when we go off on our matches since we’re outside and six feet apart. So, that’s been nice, but other than that, no difference.

TC: How do you manage school, golf, and other activities at the same time?
AL: Well, I’ve never not played a sport at school, so it’s just kind of a balance of doing your homework whenever you have time in class, and getting as much work done as possible whenever you have the time.