Should NDB students have Wednesday off again?


The Catalyst / Clair Sapilewski

US History students work on their final paper during class.

NDB students are back on campus, back with their friends, and back on Wednesdays.
During distance learning, NDB had four school days instead of five. Wednesdays had no classes and instead was a day where students caught up on homework. This meant that students were less stressed each night about making sure all of their homework was done, since they had an extra day without classes assigning new homework. As we went around campus, we asked some students what their opinion towards having a free Wednesday was.

I liked old Tiger Wednesdays because not only could I sleep in and rest, but I could get work done in an organized way. It helped me not have to rush on assignments, and I could take my time to work to the best of my ability.”

— Sabrina Philip

Seniors had an especially heavy workload of college applications and essays to do along with their regular class work. So in their case, free Wednesdays, also known as Tiger Wednesdays, helped to spread out the work to create more time to get these assignments and their regular homework completed.
“I like the old Tiger Wednesdays because I was able to keep up and get ahead of my school work and it gave me more time to practice for my sports,” senior Kaila Acbay said.
Tiger Wednesdays were especially popular with the seniors, but juniors also appreciated them to handle their schedule often full of difficult AP courses. The upperclassmen especially at NDB know the difficulty of keeping up with the work every day.
Students this year are swamped with work and are only getting into the habit of being back at school. Having the one day to relax is very beneficial no matter what grade you are in. I think that we should add Tiger Wednesday back into the schedule again, so we can give the students the break they deserve. Having that day off in the middle of the week helps students become less stressed and will overall brighten the moods seen at school and at home. When we had Tiger Wednesdays, my fellow students and I felt less bombarded with classes, work, and extracurricular activities.

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