Class day 2021


The Catalyst / George Retelas

Class day 2019

Class day is coming up and people are getting excited to see what’s in store. Class day is a yearly tradition that celebrates the moving up of each grade. Typically in a normal year all the students would be in the gym celebrating together and watching the seniors being sent off to their college of choice but this year I has to be a little different.
Every year class day is where we show appreciation for our teachers and student leaders as well as welcoming the new leaders and ASB. Although the seniors and juniors will be on campus for the day, the freshman and sophomores will have fun together through Zoom. Any and all parents can also join in through Zoom. The day will mainly focus the seniors and student leaders, with the seniors in their graduation attire and juniors in formal uniform. We have missed so many special events this year that having a celebration like this means a lot to the NDB community.
Cathy Lewis, the Associate Head of School, is the person organizing this exciting day. “Nothing compares to the Moore full of students and all their energy coming together in full spirit,” she said. “This year, after so much being virtual, coming together in person is truly something to celebrate!”
As this celebration will only be half of what it has been in past years Lewis plans to make it as special as they possibly can. They want to do everything they can to make this day special while sticking to the new COVID-19 guidelines.
“Next year, Class Day will be it’s full celebration with all classes together,” Lewis remarked. “Our safety and well-being is increasing, thanks to a very long year of forced separation, and everyone’s cooperation.”
All we can do is hope that in the following years the NDB community will be able to celebrate in the traditional way with everyone together. But for this year, Class Day should put a nice end to a rough year.