NDB Basketball: Q&A with Mia Adao


The Catalyst / Alaiyah San Juan

Adao in her basketball uniform.

Mia Adao is a senior at NDB and this year played on the NDB varsity basketball team. She looks back on her experience on the team and recalls her favorite memories over the past four years.

The Catalyst (TC): How has your basketball season been so far?
Mia Adao (MA): So far, in my opinion, our season has gone quite well. Our team dynamic is really great and special, and as of now, we’ve won four games and lost two.

TC: What are your thoughts on this being your last year of being on the team at NDB?
MA: I’ve been a part of the NDB basketball program since my freshman year, and it’s really become a significant part of my life. Leaving this community is something I do not look forward to, and it’s very sad to say the least.

TC: Will you continue playing in college? Or was this your last year?
MA: To be completely honest, I think this was my last year playing basketball. But who knows? I may choose to partake in club or intramural basketball in college.

TC: What was your favorite part of the season, despite the pandemic?
MA: Despite being in the midst of a pandemic during my senior season of basketball, my favorite part was growing closer to the team off the court, and creating bonds with the underclassmen.

TC: What has been your favorite basketball moment from your years of playing at NDB?
MA: Throughout my time playing basketball at NDB, I think I’d have to say that my favorite moments were the after school carpools with the team. We would go to Doc’s Bagels everyday and blast Chris Brown as we all sang along as loud as we could.