Returning to school and mental health


The Catalyst / Isabella Enock

Seniors Sam Sutter and Lila Mckenna caught mid laugh during lunch time on a Monday.

The first day back at school for NDB’s hybrid model was filled with ecstatic students, hopeful administrators, and overall good vibes. Though you could not see the smiles under everyone’s masks, NDB’s halls were once again filled with laughter and noise. Staying closed for almost a year was hard for everyone, but the happiness from being open for just one day showed how all the hard work to keep everyone safe was worth it.

Personally, my main talking point with peers has always been mental health. I asked practically everyone who would talk to me about how their mental health had been affected by distance learning, and after just one day of returning to school, how their feelings had changed. The response was overwhelmingly positive with everyone telling me that after just one day, they could feel their mental health improving immensely.

Senior Adriana Dicorpo shared, “I did not realize how socializing affected my daily mood and how much I depended on it until I returned to school. I missed the experience of getting to see everyone and it really affected my mental health especially since I felt like I worked my past three years to finally celebrate a great senior year.”

In another interview with Andrea Jefferson, an educator from the San Mateo Unified High School District, she reflected on how students who have been able to return have shown significant improvement in not only their work but also their attitudes.

Jefferson said, “I have had some of my students come back to school and there has definitely been a positive change, in attention, and work completion. In general, the mood seems happier.”

Overall, returning to school has been a happy ending to a hard academic year for many students, finally providing some hope after a year of unfavorable circumstances. Students and teachers alike are feeling the positive effects of a community returning together after a long-awaited time.

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