NDB Lacrosse: Q&A with Dominique Gradidge


The Catalyst / Dominique Gradidge

Gradidge in her lacrosse uniform and gear.

The Catalyst interviewed Senior Dominique Gradidge about her start of the lacrosse season this year and how she is feeling about playing again.

The Catalyst (TC): When did practices or tryouts start and what days have they been?

Dominique Gradidge (DG): Before, season practices began at the beginning of February, and then, this week we’ve been doing tryouts Tuesday and Wednesday. Then, we have practice on Friday. So, our practice schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 1:30 to 3:00.

TC: Where have the practices and tryouts been held?

DG: So, we haven’t been able to use the field at school so we’ve been practicing at the Belmont Sports Complex. They have a field that we’ve been practicing at, which is really nice.

TC: What are the required safety practices and protocols for COVID?

DG: We’ve been having our masks on the whole practice and we’ve been keeping six feet distance.

TC: Have there been any challenges, maybe because of the required protocols or in general?

DG: I don’t think so, but it’s just been hard to like, cope with maintaining six feet while trying to still play, and defend each other I guess, so trying to keep your distance while playing.

TC: How are you feeling being able to do lacrosse?

DG: For me, and I think the rest of the team speaking on behalf, I think we’ve all enjoyed it because it’s been something to see each other, and then interact with each other. So, it’s been nice during this pandemic to one, be able to do a sport and two, to see each other.

TC: Are there any upcoming games or events, if you know?

DG: On Saturday we have a scrimmage against BHS, which is our first scrimmage. I think it’s at 2:00, and then we still have a schedule of games coming up, but Saturday’s our first scrimmage.

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