A preview of Easter Break 2021


The Catalyst / Emma Callicott

This upcoming April will be NDB’s second time having Easter Break during quarantine. This year more than last people are being advised to stay home and safe during the break. Even though most people are recommended to stay at home, NDB students are still able to have a good time while being COVID-19 friendly.

Aoife Rossiter, NDB freshman said, “I am going to surf with my brother and hang out with a few friends,” while answering how she is going to spend her Easter Break.

“I will stay safe during these activities by wearing masks in and staying in open, outdoor areas while hanging out with friends. I will also be well over six feet away from other surfers while I am in the water,” Rossiter continued.

Many people thought that the world would be out of the COVID19 pandemic

“I wish we were able to go out freely during our spring break, because this is our time to spend freely without the stress of school, so that is a little disappointing. I would have liked to go to a theme park with friends this year over spring break, but it is better to be safe and just stay home,” Rossiter said.

Many people are not looking to travel due to the pandemic, but there are always fun things to do that do not require much travel. One of these activities includes hanging out with friends. As long as it is done responsibly it is safe and fun to be with friends over break.

If you are looking to get out of the house during the break, taking a day to go on a hike is very relaxing. Another fun way to spend time with friends and family while also keeping outside is having a picnic.

Spring break is also a great time to relax in general and enjoy the time off of school, so take the break to start a new book, have a self care day, or movie night and just have some time to yourself.