Dr. Linda Kern, Interim Head of School

The Catalyst (TC): What are the biggest differences between your previous role and your current role?

Dr. Linda Kern (LK): Obviously I’ve always been working with the faculty closely, but now I’m working with the faculty at a different level, and listening to all of their needs at a higher level.

But I’m also new to working more closely with parents, in terms of their general connection with the school as a whole, instead of just in terms of their role as parent of a student who’s in classes [at NDB].

And, I’ve also had the pleasure of working with the Board, which has been great. I’m working with the same groups but in different ways.

TC: Has the transition been overwhelming or fun?

LK: In some ways, it’s been kind of thrilling – like a roller coaster ride where new challenges emerge, but the strength and structure of our NDB teamwork ensures a smooth experience. [We’ve done a lot] so quickly and it’s only because the teams work really well together.

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