Serra alumni Tom Brady wins Super Bowl LV as the oldest player

On February 7th, the Kansas City Chiefs played against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl LV. The Buccaneers finished off the game winning, with a final score of 31 – 9. The quarterback who led them into this victory is none other than Tom Brady himself.

After learning this, one may have asked themselves why he has not retired yet. It is true that Brady is 43 years old, but his age does not restrict his incredible athletic ability. Age does not seem to bring this football superstar down as he continues to keep playing better than ever at each game.

Rob Gronkowski, a tight end for the Buccaneers talks about Brady’s future of playing.

“Tom would sign a 50 year contract if he could,” Grownkowski said to CNN when asked about Brady’s retirement.

Brady is just not ready to leave the game with all of the success he is currently having in his career. His dedicated fans certainly do not want him to retire, especially after his recent Super Bowl win.

I feel proud that I go to the same high school as one of the best football players ever”

— Carson True

Most people around the Bay Area are huge fans of Tom Brady, because he grew up there. It is a feeling of pride to know that he went to Junipero Serra High School as most students at Serra are extremely proud of their famous alumni, Tom Brady.

“I feel proud that I go to the same high school as one of the best football players ever,” said Serra freshman Carson True. “He is an amazing person and a huge role model for everyone at Serra.”

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Tom Brady started his career at Serra HS as this career continues to grow and succeed everytime he walks onto the field. His numerous wins and constant record breaking games reflect his stellar athletic ability and talent, as his power and drive bring him his many successes.